Bedsores And Nursing Homes Shouldn’t Mix
16 Feb

Bedsores And Nursing Homes Shouldn’t Mix

Nursing Home Liability Lawyers

While many nursing homes are safe and comfortable environments for their residents, it’s unfortunately not always the case. Read on to learn more about one of the more common signs of nursing home neglect, and see how a lawyer can help.

What Are Bedsores?

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are a painful injury that affects certain vulnerable people. Bedsores are caused when bony areas of the body are under pressure for extended periods of time. The skin in these areas eventually gets stuck in place, and when the person is finally moved, the skin tears.

Bedsores can cause serious health problems through infection. And since they’re a preventable injury, if your loved one has experienced bedsores, it may be a sign that they’re not getting the care and attention they deserve at their nursing home.

Who Is Most At Risk?

The people most at risk of developing bedsores are usually older and less mobile. Because bedsores are caused by long term pressure applied to certain points in the body, if someone is bedridden, or confined to a wheelchair, they may experience bedsores more often.

If a loved one in a nursing home exhibits bedsores, it may also be a sign of unreasonable restraints and a lack of activity. A nursing home lawyer can help you investigate to determine why your loved one is experiencing preventable injuries.

How Can Bedsores Be Prevented?

Bedsores can be prevented with cushions and regular movement. By repositioning someone who is unable to move, or giving them time to get up and exercise, there’s much less risk of developing bedsores. Providing additional padding also means there’s less pressure on bony parts of the body, which eases the skin and prevents bedsores as well.

As nursing home liability lawyers like our friends at Norris Injury Law can explain, bedsores are a problem when people aren’t able to move – or aren’t allowed to move. Nursing home staff should be attentive to the needs of residents, and they should take the necessary steps to prevent bedsores.

What Can A Nursing Home Lawyer Do?

Your loved one deserves the best care possible. When you get in touch with a nursing home lawyer, you’re getting a helpful legal resource who can walk you through the steps to take if you’re trying to hold an abusive nursing home accountable for its lack of care.

A nursing home lawyer can investigate your claim and go over any potential signs of abuse or neglect, and the right legal team can help you fight against a nursing home to get financial compensation and a fresh start.

What Should I Look For In A Nursing Home Lawyer?

Not all nursing home lawyers are created equal. Some view their clients as just another paycheck, and others don’t offer the personalized case management you deserve. If you’re looking for a nursing home lawyer, shop around for firms that offer free consultations, and make sure they have plenty of experience in your area.

Don’t hesitate to get justice and compensation for your loved one’s bedsores and neglect. Get in touch with a nursing home lawyer as soon as possible.

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