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03 Jan

Common Personal Injury Questions

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or a personal injury incident, you may have several questions. Similar situations often prompt people to ask fundamental questions as a personal injury lawyer from The Lynch Law Group well knows. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions following an accident or injury claim:

  1. Is my case required to go to trial in order to receive compensation?

Not at all. As a result, insurance companies often settle before reaching a judge in order to avoid having to pay out more. Settlements do not require a court order, only if there is no settlement can other parties step in.

  1. Will having prior injuries negatively affect a new claim?

Personal injury cases include injuries as well as other damages. Majority of the damage is caused by negligence from another party. All that must be proven is the liability of someone else for current injuries or previous injuries that were irritated.

  1. Does “preponderance of the evidence” matter?

Yes. A defendant’s liability or negligence is proven through this evidence. Damages are likely to be attributed to them if you have more evidence.

  1. Can I be compensated for “pain and suffering?”

Yes. Physical damages are easier to prove, but pain and suffering must be directly related to the incident. Injury-related conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety may arise as a result of personal injury.

  1. What exactly is liability?

The burden of liability lies with the individual. Can you tell me who caused the incident? What is the fault of the other party? Liability requires neglecting a duty of care and resulting in injury or harm to another party. Someone will be liable if these are proven.

It can be very overwhelming to be involved in a matter that causes you physical or mental anguish. There will not be anyone surprised to hear that there are a number of questions and a great deal of concern. A personal injury incident that involves you or someone you know and is caused by another party’s negligence can have a very profound effect on your life. You should speak with a personal injury attorney in the area where the accident happened. This is so you can ask any and all questions you may have. For a better understanding of your legal options, feel free to contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

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