FAQ: The Advocacy of an Attorney Following a Trucking Accident

FAQ: The Advocacy of an Attorney Following a Trucking Accident
As the bills pile up and your injuries continue to leave you feeling helpless and in pain, knowing where to turn following a trucking accident may leave you feeling lost. What many people do not realize, is that an attorney can advocate for you in more ways than you may realize.

Is it worth it to hire an attorney?

If you have a viable case, it can be worth your while to hire an attorney. With their help, you may be able to receive the outcome you are hoping for. It can be intimidating to go up against an insurance company on your own. If your claim has been denied despite a strong case, you will certainly want an attorney representing you when you file a lawsuit. If you were in a trucking accident, chances are you have suffered tremendously. Attempting to take action with an attorney by your side can be a mistake. In fact, cases that reach a settlement with the help of an attorney are more likely to be for higher amounts than if you were to negotiate on your own. With an attorney, the insurance company of the trucking company and their driver, will know that you mean business.

How will an attorney advocate for you?

An attorney will review your case, listen to your needs and help determine the appropriate settlement for you. They will advise you throughout what may be a stressful process. When you have suffered significant damages from a trucking accident, they can negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance company to obtain the highest possible award for you. They will listen to your needs and help ensure that you feel heard throughout the process. An attorney may provide you with your options and advocate for you but ultimately you are steering the ship. Your attorney will strategize and fight for you in order to ensure that you do not walk away empty handed.

Are claims against trucking companies more complicated?

It’s always a good idea to pursue a claim against a trucking company with an attorney backing you. A trucking company and the driver who hit you are likely to be represented by a team of attorneys. They will work to ensure that you receive as little as possible for the damages their driver was liable for. Your attorney can help you gather the proper evidence to support your trucking accident claim. They may also be able to aggressively negotiate a settlement or litigate in court if necessary.

Why should I meet with an attorney before I hire them?

Yes you will want to meet with prospective attorneys before you decide to hire them. Sometimes, negotiations can drag on, meaning, you may be working with your attorney for some time before you part ways. To avoid having to change attorneys down the road, interviewing an attorney to determine if they are someone who is qualified and that you can work with will make all the difference.

As a victim of a trucking accident, you will need to be able to turn to someone who knows what they are doing. Having a strong support network, while helpful, cannot provide you with the same level of legal advocacy as the best trucking accident lawyer Atlanta trusts will be able to. Take advantage of the free consultation offered by truck accident attorneys to hear additional ways in which legal representation may be beneficial.

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