What Not To Do If You Think You’re At Fault In A Car Accident

In the event of a car collision, things happen very quickly and you may feel compelled to perform certain actions as an act of desperation. During this tumultuous event many things will occur which we might not entirely notice or comprehend, that said there may be a time when you might determine that you may be at fault for the accident.

We do all sorts of things when we feel guilty about something or otherwise threatened, but it’s no excuse to try and diminish your standing in the case. Attempts to do so may land you in an even bigger predicament than what would’ve been if you had just followed proper procedures. There are many penalties that one can be subjected to if found guilty for trying to alter the scenario before or after the event occurs and you can receive punishment whether you’re aware that you’ve done it or not. So it’s important to know what you need avoid doing should you be under the impression that you’re at fault for a case:

Don’t move your vehicle: like an Olympic track and field jumper, police want to get the most accurate sense of what happened and that is best done when you leave your car stopped at the collision. Should you move your car, the plaintiff could make a claim that you’re trying to alter the scene so as to make yourself appear less at fault by positioning your car in a spot that implies the plaintiff is at fault.

Don’t leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident has a name: hit and run. It comes with a hefty felony charge. Rightfully so too as people usually leave an accident when they’re too afraid to face the consequences of their actions; an obstruction of justice in itself. No matter what consequences you may face for being considered at fault for an accident, it’ll be nothing compared to what you’ll face if found guilty for a hit-and-run.

Don’t discuss the accident: as a rule of thumb, you’ll want to say as little as possible. Even if you think you’re at fault, don’t apologize to the other party cause that’ll be seen as a confession of guilt which can be used to boost their damage claim. Don’t talk about it with your friends, family, or any insurance adjusters. It’s best that you leave all the work to a personal injury lawyer, like one from Eric Roy Law Firm, because they will be the one trying to turn the tides in your favor.

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