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When you become seriously ill from food that is improperly prepared, it’s important to know that a local food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA has to offer may be able to help. Food poisoning is something that countless people encounter everyday. Many of these cases are minor and the symptoms clear up quickly. However, some cases can have extremely dangerous, even life-threatening, consequences.

Even though you may not be thinking about taking legal action when you’re feeling so sick, you might choose to contact a skilled food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA can provide if your symptoms worsen or require a great deal of medical treatment. Before contacting your local food poisoning lawyer in Arlington VA, take a look at the following facts and statistics about food poisoning in the U.S.:


  • It’s estimated that food poisoning affects 1 in 6 Americans every year. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), authorities believe that approximately 48 million individual cases of food poisoning happen each year. These cases can range in severity from mild stomach discomfort to life-threatening symptoms.

  • Experts also estimate that food poisoning accounts for around 3,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. While it’s difficult to be certain that food poisoning played a direct role in some cases, it’s also possible for food poisoning to contribute to the development of other diseases. Young children, elderly adults, and anyone with a compromised immune system are especially susceptible to falling ill from food poisoning.

  • Most bacteria and viruses that cause food poisoning will create symptoms that last around a day or two at the least – but other foodborne pathogens could bring symptoms that last months. Cryptosporidium is one example of a bacteria, found in contaminated drinking water, that can go into remission, but can cause sporadic relapses for months. Hepatitis A can also be found in certain contaminated foods, and the symptoms may last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

  • Even fresh produce can have harmful bacteria and viruses. Organic foods may be considered healthier by some people, but an experienced food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA can provide would likely attest that this isn’t always the case. Fresh produce like berries and tomatoes have been carriers of a pathogen called Cyclospora cayetanensis, which can cause severe illness for weeks after ingestion.

  • The symptoms of food poisoning can worsen very quickly and may require hospitalization. Most bacteria and viruses that cause food poisoning will produce symptoms in humans that include vomiting, severe abdominal cramping, fever, and diarrhea. These symptoms — especially when combined – can easily lead to dehydration, muscle weakness, and an overall weakened immune system. It may be necessary to hospitalize an individual with food poisoning to make sure that these symptoms do not lead to other infections or organ failure.


Contact a Local Food Poisoning Lawyer Arlington VA Residents Rely On

If you or someone you love has fallen seriously ill due to a foodborne disease or infection, it might be wise to speak with a local Arlington VA food poisoning lawyer. This type of personal injury case can be difficult to prove in court, but with trusted legal counsel, it may be possible to obtain financial damages. To speak with a skilled food poisoning lawyer Arlington VA trusts about whether your case might justify taking legal action, contact our firm today.

Food Poisoning Lawyer Arlington VA

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