Common Reasons for Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denials

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Following a motorcycle accident that causes you harm or your loved one’s death, you are likely going to be met with an insurance company that can be difficult. Insurer markets market themselves as being there to help you with things that are difficult. However, they are also a big business and that means they are concerned with their own profits. Often this can lead to your claim being denied or they are going to limit your compensation. 

Working with an experienced lawyer is going to be your best bet in making sure your insurance doesn’t do one of these bad faith denials. 

Reasons Your Claim Might Be Denied

For the most part, your insurance company probably wants to make you feel satisfied with the outcome of your claim. However, they are also motivated to make a profit which can lead you to have a denied claim. Here are some of the top reasons your claim could be denied: 

You Were Partially or Wholly at Fault

You have to remember and understand the terms of your policy contract with your insurance company. If you were engaged in behavior that would void your coverage then your insurance company isn’t required to pay for your claim. 

Your insurance company is going to look for how you could be at fault or if there was a way that the accident could have been avoided. A lawyer is there to make sure that you aren’t getting into a game of cat and mouse with the insurance company. 

You Didn’t Seek Medical Attention Right Away 

No matter if you feel fine after a crash, you need to see a doctor right away. While you could appear to only have a few scrapes and bruises there are other things that could be happening. While many who are seriously injured go straight to the hospital it is important for you to go even if you aren’t seriously injured. 

If you wait too long and you end up with a serious injury that didn’t show up immediately your insurance claim can be denied. 

There is a Liability Dispute 

If there is a question about who caused the accident, the insurance companies might not be able to agree on whose responsibility it is to pay out the claims. If your insurance company believes you didn’t cause the accident it will say the other driver’s insurance is responsible for the claim. However, if the other driver’s insurance says the same thing you could be at an impasse. 

It is important to remember that your insurance company isn’t your friend and that they want the best for them. If you have found yourself with an issue with insurance after a motorcycle accident then it is in your best interest to talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer likes those at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols

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