Don’t Forget to Take Photos After Your Car Accident

It is completely understandable and normal for someone to be stressed out and scared after a car accident. However, in order to give yourself the best possible situation after your car accident, you need to remember to take pictures at the time of the accident. Although you might be reading this now thinking, and hoping, that you will never get into a traumatic accident because you are a safe driver, the fact of the matter is that according to a recent study published by Forbes Magazine, the average driver files a car accident claim about every 17 years. So, although you do not want to “plan” on having an accident, it is imperative to know what to do, just in case. A great strategy is to jot down a few details about what to take pictures of and keep it in your car in case of an accident.

Note #1 – Capture Details

After you get into a car accident, check if anyone needs an ambulance, call the police and ambulance if needed for a personal injury, then immediately start taking pictures. Do not allow anyone to move their car unless they are able and it is interfering with traffic. Whether you are using a cell phone camera or a professional Nikkon, you’re photos will be valuable, so don’t worry about the lighting or the picture’s composition—just start snapping pictures. Make sure to get pictures of property damage, personal injury, skid marks on the road, and the placement of the cars.

Note #2 – Capture Pictures at Various Distances

Make sure to get a variety of pictures of the damage including close-ups, and medium distance shots, about ten to fifteen feet from the vehicle. It is also helpful to get pictures of the car accident from a distance that allows you to see all of the cars involved. Capturing a variety of distances helps to create an understanding of the accident as a whole. If you end up needing a car accident lawyer for a lawsuit or if a lawsuit is filed against you, these pictures will be your first line of defense. The more evidence you can gather, the better.

Note #3 – External Factors

You need evidence of anything that might have contributed to the car accident to prove fault. A car accident lawyer will want to know if it was sunny or raining or if the accident was next to a construction site that emitted a lot of dust, especially if there is a personal injury. Take pictures of the weather, try to capture visibility, and take pictures of the area where the accident occurred.

Photographs are the most valuable things you can have as you try to sort out fault in a car accident case. If or when you go to settlement, photos can make the difference between your car accident lawyer finding fault in the other person or fault being found in you. By taking photos after a car accident you protect yourself from unwarranted penalties and protect your rights as a driver.

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