Falling Due to Icy Conditions: When Do You Have a Case?

It may be in your best interest to seek a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD trusts if you’ve fallen due to icy conditions. These cases can be tricky, and having experienced representation on your side may help you have a better outcome. There are many factors that contribute to the situation, and ultimately effect if you have a case and are able to seek damages.

How Did the Accident Happen?

Unfortunately, slipping in icy conditions is common. Your Baltimore MD slip and fall lawyer may ask you to think about the incident to help determine what kind of case you have, if any. For example, if you fell on your own property, you probably do not have a case.

However, any slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD has to offer may tell you that the specific circumstances determine if you have a case after falling on someone else’s property. Businesses are legally obliged to take all necessary steps to protect pedestrians from falling in slippery conditions. At minimum, they usually need to clear the sidewalks and parking lot, as well as put down salts that help ice melt and improve traction.

Your slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore MD may remind you that you are responsible for taking your own reasonable actions for avoiding a slip and fall accident, such as walking on cleared sidewalks and watching out for visible fall hazards.

How Did the Snow Form?

If snow or ice formed in natural and visible places, you may not have a case. A slip and fall lawyer Baltimore MD residents trust would likely attest that you can’t hold a business liable if you fall on snow and ice that is easily seen and avoided.

You may have a case if ice or snow has formed unnaturally or in unexpected places. In this case, the business should provide some warning that there is a danger to pedestrians. To have a case against them, you may have to prove that the business owner or landlord should have known about the danger, and had a duty of care to warn people so that they would be less likely to fall.

Did Removal Worsen Matters?

Sometimes, improper removal of snow or ice actually makes conditions more dangerous, and leads to accidents. In these cases, you may have a personal injury claim and may need to seek out a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust to defend them.

How can snow removal make conditions worse? If the snow was removed but no melting salts were put down, the sidewalk could freeze over in a way that may or may not be visible. A responsible business owner could have prevented a fall in this case by simply putting out salts after removing the snow, or even by placing warning signs in the area.

There are many factors that contribute to a slip and fall case. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to hire a slip and fall lawyer Baltimore, MD residents rely on to help you with your case by calling Car Accident Info today.

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