What You Need to Know About Highway Construction Accidents

Highway construction accidents are all too common, but to recover your costs from someone else’s negligence you may need to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer Washington DC motorists can be certain will fight for their rights. The legal firm of Car Accident Lawyers has fought for the rights of thousands of personal injury victims. Our attorneys consistently recover compensatory settlements on behalf of our clients.

Highway construction is a fact of life in the Washington, DC area, and if you’ve never been involved in a construction-related accident, you may not think about it much beyond the associated traffic delays. However, construction sites can create road hazards that all too often cause serious and sometimes fatal motor vehicle accidents. The following tips from a Washington DC motor vehicle accident lawyer may help you avoid becoming an accident statistic.

Common Causes of Highway Construction Accidents

Any construction site can be potentially dangerous, but highway construction sites present a unique set of dangers. You may need a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Washington DC offers if you are injured due to any of the following:

  • Hazardous weather conditions can cause vehicles to lose control. In construction sites which often include detours, mixed pavement types, and poorly marked lanes, an out of control vehicle can collide with other vehicles, equipment, barriers, and construction workers with catastrophic results. A motor vehicle accident lawyer in Washington DC may be able to prove that the construction company did not adequately allow for weather conditions.
  • Poor lighting in construction zones can make it difficult for drivers to see the road, particularly with unfamiliar detours, at nighttime or dusk, or when oncoming vehicle headlights (especially those using improperly installed LED bulbs) are shining in their eyes.
  • Construction companies may not meet state safety regulations, thereby creating hazardous construction sites. An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Washington DC victims rely on for legal assistance can prove negligence on the part of the construction company.
  • Poorly placed or misplaced construction equipment on the highway job site can be hazardous for motorists who are traveling at high speeds and may have to negotiate unfamiliar detours or markers such as traffic cones.
  • Certain drivers may have difficulty negotiating a highway construction site and as a result collide with equipment, workers, and other vehicles especially those who are:
    • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Speeding
    • Driving too fast for the conditions
    • Inexperienced drivers
    • DistractedIn any of these scenarios, a motor vehicle accident lawyer Washington DC respects may be able to prove negligence on the part of the highway authority, the construction company, and the other driver.
  • Unmarked hazards such as unexpected road dips, a change in road surface, sharp curves, dips may cause a driver to slow down or stop suddenly causing them to lose control or adversely affecting drivers behind them which results in an accident.
  • Sudden speed changes without adequate warnings can cause drivers to drive too fast and lose control, or cause drivers to brake suddenly, potentially creating a chain reaction of braking which can result in rear end collisions.

Car Accident Lawyers understands that injuries suffered in a highway construction accident can create undue and sudden financial hardships due to serious medical costs. If you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of a construction company, worker, or another driver, you may deserve compensation for your damages. Call Car Accident Lawyers at (202) 999-3284 when you need a motor vehicle accident lawyer Washington DC personal injury victims turn to when they want justice.

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