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16 Feb

How To Know If You’re The Victim Of Sexual Harassment At Work

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Sexual harassment may include physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature and still occurs in workplaces these days. Sexual harassment, whether direct or indirect, is wrong and should not be tolerated. It can result in mental health effects, like anxiety, difficulty focusing and depression, and make it difficult to go into work every day. It is important to recognize the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Here are some signs to look out for.

Unwanted Physical Contact

As the legal professionals at Eric Siegel Law can confirm, one of the most obvious signs of sexual harassment at work is unwanted physical contact. If you have endured unwanted hugging, groping, rubbing shoulders and other physical contact at work, you may have experienced sexual harassment and should get in touch with an employment litigation lawyer. You deserve to feel safe when you’re at work.

Being Asked for Sexual Favors

If a person in position of power at your job offers you certain benefits in exchange for sexual favors, it is considered sexual harassment. For example, if your manager offered to give you a promotion if you went out with him or her, you may have been the victim of sexual harassment. Likewise, if your manager threatened to fire you if you did not go out on a date, it is another form of sexual harassment.

Saying “No” Is not Taken Seriously

While it is not illegal to date a coworker, the law may get involved if someone makes romantic advances toward someone who continues to say “no.” For instance, if someone keeps asking you out on a date after you say that you’re not interested, you may have a sexual harassment case.

Getting Treated Unfairly Because of Your Gender

If you are being treated differently at work because of your gender, it is another form of sexual harassment. For example, let’s say that you or other female employees never get promotions. However, your male coworkers with similar qualifications always get promoted instead of their female counterparts. This can be considered a form of sexual harassment. 

Being Subjected to Sexual Jokes and Language

Even if they are meant to be funny, sexual jokes and language are not appropriate for the workplace and can make employees feel very uncomfortable. For instance, if a coworkers frequently tells you how attractive you are, it may be considered sexual harassment. You have a right to take legal action for this.

Inappropriate Comments About Physical Appearance

While it is okay for someone to give a sincere compliment about someone’s appearance at work, certain comments can make someone feel uncomfortable. For instance, if your boss told you that you were dressed very sexy today, it may be considered sexual harassment. In this situation, you may want to get in touch with a lawyer about pursuing legal action.

If you have been facing sexual harassment at work, you may want to reach out to an employment lawyer today to discuss your case.

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