Injured While on A Cruise? Here Are Your Legal Options

Injured While on A Cruise? Here Are Your Legal OptionsEvery year, millions of people go on cruises to relax and have a great time. These ships are required to take reasonable steps to keep their passengers safe from injury while the voyage is underway. While the majority of cruise ship companies take this seriously and do a good job of this, some do not and accidents happen that cause injuries. Below is an overview of how personal injury law pertains to cruise ship accidents and what your legal options may be if you are injured while aboard a cruise ship. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury aboard a cruise ship, it may help to speak with an attorney for advice.

Maritime Law

Cruise ship operators are not usually registered in the United States, but rather in foreign countries. This means they are subject to maritime law. If someone is injured while on board, the injured party must be able to prove the cruise ship operator did not take reasonable steps to prevent injury to obtain a settlement. In most instances the law also holds cruise ship operators responsible for injuries to passengers that are caused by the negligent acts of their employees.

The Contract

When you go on a cruise, your ticket is a legal contract that outlines the specifics of liability and how passengers go about seeking legal remedy in the event of an accident. Cruise ships are not subject to statutes of liability in the United States, so you must be sure to file your claim within the time frame stated on your ticket to keep the right to file a lawsuit. While maritime law states the statute of limitations on personal injury claims are three years, the cruise ship operator can shorten this time considerably if it is stated clearly on the ticket you purchased.

Cruise Ship Injuries

Because so many different types of activities take place on cruise ships, passengers may sustain a wide variety of injuries. Some injuries that may happen while at sea are:

  • Slip and Falls
  • Head Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Facial Fractures
  • Neck and Back Injuries

These are just a few things that may cause passenger injuries. The law regarding these cases is complex, so it is best to hire an attorney to guide you through the legal process. This is the best way to protect your rights and obtain fair compensation for injuries caused by negligence on the part of the cruise line owners, crew, or staff.

If you have been hurt while taking a cruise and your injury is severe or disabling, there is help available. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today to learn if you have a valid claim. After speaking with you and reviewing the details of your case, an injury lawyer Charlottesville VA puts their trust in will let you know the best way to move ahead. While obtaining a financial settlement may not fully restore your health, it can provide the resources needed to recover as much as possible from the accident.

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