Motorcycle Accident Tip – Seek Medical Attention

Tips from Washington DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

As most drivers are aware, injuries associated with motorcycle accidents can be the most traumatic of all vehicle accidents. A car naturally affords more protection than the open ride of a motorcycle, and without proper protective gear, motorcycle drivers can be seriously injured in an accident. If you are a motorcycle owner or have been in a motorcycle accident in PG County, you should be aware of the importance of medical treatment.

Our DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Advise You Seek Medical Attention

Foremost, seeking medical attention immediately following a motorcycle accident is important for your physical health and peace of mind. The types of injuries often associated with vehicle and motorcycle accidents may not be felt by the victim immediately – usually due to a rush of adrenaline brought on by the shock of the collision. You may walk away from your accident feeling extremely lucky, until that adrenaline dissipates. Even if you do not feel any initial pain, it is prudent to seek medical attention at an Emergency Room or with your primary care doctor. You could have a soft tissue or spinal injury as a result of your accident. Another injury common to motorcycle accidents that may not seem serious initially is known as “Road Rash.” This is the colloquial term for the abrasions that motorcyclists can suffer, caused by extreme friction. Without timely treatment, Road Rash can cause infections and lead to permanent scarring. If you suspect that you have road rash, see a medical professional to have your wounds cleaned and treated immediately. Proper dressing is the best way to avoid scarring.

If you need to file a claim, Contact our DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may decide that you need to file a personal injury claim. Treatment immediately following your accident is important not only to your health, but also to protect any claim you may pursue. The longer you go without medical attention, the more difficult it becomes to prove that any injuries are related to your accident. In order to get the best from your potential claim, you need to establish a treatment history as quickly as possible. If you wait too long and find out that you need physical therapy, injections, surgery, or other costly procedures, insurance companies may dispute these claims, and it can be difficult to prove that your injuries were indeed caused by the accident.

Even if your injuries do not seem serious, contact a Maryland personal injury attorney if you have been in a motorcycle accident in PG County. An accident attorney may be able to help you find appropriate medical treatment, and can evaluate your claim to help you move forward.

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