Personal Injury Lawyer – When Should You Hire One

Personal Injury Lawyer – When Should You Hire One
What is a personal injury lawyer? A personal injury lawyer — like the Washington DC car accident attorneys at Cohen and Cohen — is someone who will fight for your compensation if you have sustained severe physical or mental harm at the hand of another negligent party. Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia law dictate that you must prove such avoidable harm occurred before you can collect compensation. A personal injury lawyer is the best bet for doing so, so that you may pay for financial losses and medical expenses.

If someone has lost a limb, one of the five senses, or been disfigured or scarred as a result of a personal injury, or sustained mental harm such as anguish, trauma, embarrassment or loss of enjoyment, (s)he should consult with a personal injury attorney. A personal injury case can be the result of many mishaps including car andmotorcycle accidents. Let us explore these scenarios:

Vehicular injury is a common instance that calls for apersonal injury or car accident attorney. These range from ATV accidents to hit and runs and across land, water and air. Washington DC is the number one city for car accidents according to a recent study. Car accidents result in loss of funds and time as a person must go to have the car repaired, find alternate transportation and deal with insurance companies. This is if a person is lucky enough to go unscathed. If, however, you have sustained an injury, it is wise to obtain a personal injury lawyer, to see that the insurance company gives you the maximum benefits for your claim in a timely manner. A strong Washington DC personal injury lawyer will fight for you with all the necessary expertise.

As the sales of motorcycles in the US continue to increase, so do the number of motorcycle-related accidents. Despite the stereotype that motorcycle drivers are reckless thrill seekers, motorcycle drivers are in general much safer drivers. This is because, without the protective framework of a car, someone on a motorcycle is far more likely to sustain a serious injury if an accident occurs. Usually such accidents are at the hands of another driver. However, due to the misconceptions about motorcycle culture, fault can be hard to prove. This is one such instance in which a personal injury lawyer can help the injured party seek compensation.

These are some of the many instances where one should have a personal injury lawyer. If you or a loved one has sustained physical or emotional harm from someone else’s reckless behavior, consult with a Washington DC personal injury lawyer to seek maximum compensation.

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