The Most Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

The Most Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents
Car accidents happen at a high rate and are the major cause of injuries and death. Regardless of the vehicle you are in or the precautions that are taken, they can result in numerous injuries ranging in severity. Whether a fender bender or a major wreck, there are five common injuries suffered by many people involved in car accidents.

1) Whiplash

When the head and neck jerk suddenly in an unnatural way, whiplash often occurs. Whiplash can cause pain, tightness and stiffness of the neck, especially when trying to make head movements. Headaches and tenderness of the back are also common symptoms that may occur for many days.

2) Cuts and Lacerations

A car accident often causes the glass from windows and windshield to break, as well as the hazardous displacement of other potentially sharp objects. Combined with high impacts, these hazards are a common cause of cuts and lacerations to the body. The injuries can range from minor cuts on the skin, to deep lacerations requiring surgery. A major impact may also cause severe bruising to the body that may not be as explicitly noticeable.

3) Broken Bones

In most high impact accidents, the cars are crushed to some extent, which can cause the breakage or shattering of bones. Broken bones come with an often long and painful recovery. Often times, broken bones affect the ability to walk and function properly which can cause a strain on the knees and other joints. When bones in the head, back or neck are broken, the recovery becomes even more difficult, so proper treatment is required.

4) Knee Injuries

The impact from a car accident can cause a crushing force or even ejection from the vehicle which may result in a hard blow to the knee. Any such force or unnatural twist of the knee can cause severe knee pain and even injuries, which may include fractures or tears to the tendons or ligaments. It is advised to seek medical attention from a knee pain doctor such as the Knee Pain Doctor in PG County MD locals have been trusting for years in order to receive the proper care needed for recovery.

5) Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is one of the most dangerous injuries that can occur from a car accident. Because few external symptoms are exhibited, internal bleeding often goes unnoticed, and thus, untreated for days, or until it’s too late. Failure to stop internal bleeding immediately can lead to a coma or may even cause death. In many cases, patients are placed in an induced coma to help reduce the swelling and allow the body to heal properly.

If you been in a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention to treat any noticeable injuries and to get checked for potential injuries that may have occurred. Even minor injuries, such as knee pain, should be properly treated by a trained professional to prevent further problems and ensure recovery. If you did sustain injuries from the accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

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