Top 21 Reasons for Car Collisions

Top 21 Reasons for Car Collisions
People who are suffering from the injuries received in a car crash may consult with an attorney, like a car accident attorney Bristol, TN relies on. An experienced attorney understands how trying this time may be, and that the financial loss may affect your life dramatically.

A skilled lawyer wants you to feel comfortable with their guidance and support. They strive to help you better understand the legal process and can answer any questions you have along the way. Each case is unique, so having a professional on your side can be crucial to the success of your case and in receiving the compensation you deserve.

Below we have listed the top 21 reasons drivers get into accidents while on the road. Many of these reasons have nothing to do with the fault of the driver.

  1. Driving Distracted
  2. Excessive Speed
  3. Driving Intoxicated and/or Drunk
  4. Reckless Driving Behavior
  5. Weather (Rain)
  6. Driving Through Red Lights
  7. Not Stopping for Signs
  8. Teen Drivers
  9. Driving at Night
  10. Vehicle Defects
  11. Changing Lanes Unsafely
  12. Not Turning Properly
  13. Driving on the Wrong Side
  14. Weather (Snow)
  15. Weather (Ice)
  16. Road Potholes
  17. Sleepy Driving
  18. Car Tires Blowing Out
  19. Weather (Fog)
  20. Animals Crossing Road
  21. Street Racing

The number one reason car accidents occur is distracted driving. Talking on the phone, eating or grooming are just a few activities people engage in while driving because they think that they can successfully multitask. When it comes to driving, an accident can occur even if you are paying full attention to the road. Other drivers do not always practice safe and defensive driving techniques. Keeping yourself safe should be the number one goal of being on the road; not in a rush to work, speeding or having a meal while in driving.

By choosing a car accident attorney, you have a professional who can help with every step in the claim process. An attorney can ensure your case is being handled with care. Maintaining a file of bills for hospital stays and other treatments should be kept in order to provide proof of injuries. Your attorney may consult with your doctor to understand the severity of your injury, and fight.

Call an attorney today to setup your first consultation with a car accident lawyer. They can talk with you over the phone about the details of your case, or in person at their offices. Often, your first consultation is free, so you can get to know our attorneys better and gain trust the law firm you have chosen to aid you during this difficult time.

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