What Happens After a Dog Bite

If you have suffered from a painful accident, such as a bite from a dangerous dog, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering. Contact one of our experienced dog bite attorneys and set up a meeting today to see how we may assist you.

Once you have met with your dog bite attorney, and they have been fully informed about your dog bite injuries, they will pursue further information. After filing your claim, your dog bite attorney will begin discovery of your case. Discovery in the case of a dog bite would include any information pertaining to your case from outside sources that either provide more information or support your claim. The injuries due to a dog bite will fall on the responsibility of the owner if evidence would support that the owner knew and did not prevent such injuries from occurring. Additionally, if the owner of the dog is a renter and the dog bite occurred on the landlord’s property, the landlord may also be liable if they were aware of the danger.

Your dog bite attorney may visit the area where the dog bite occurred: a neighbor’s house, a local park, or shopping center. The attorney will take note of local applicable leash laws for pets. Your injury attorney may contact neighbors of the dog owner for a third-party perspective. They may have information that the owner would not provide willingly, such as if the dog had bitten other people, or had a known vicious propensity that the owner was aware of. Neighbors may be more willing to volunteer information that the dog wore a muzzle, chased children, had previously attacked other beloved pets, or were afraid to walk past the owner’s home, even if gated. All of these inquiries are important and will support your claim for damage compensation for the dog bite injury.

Your dog bite attorney will look for signs on the property regarding the dog: warning signs, do not enter, beware of dog. Your attorney will also inquire and request proof of updated vaccinations and shots, to confirm if you made need a rabies shot. If you have the opportunity to inquire at the time of the injurious dog bite, this is very important information to provide to the medical staff that treat the wound. If not, your attorney will make sure to find out to ensure you receive the proper care for your dog bite injury.

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