What to Expect if You Get Hit With a DUI

What to Expect if You Get Hit With a DUI

There can be great consequences if you are convicted of a DUI, regardless of whether you are a first time offender or not. You could be required to pay fines, have your license suspended and even face jail time. The impact could have a lasting effect, long after you have gone through the court process. A DUI often has a financial impact and could even result in another court case if you received other charges.

It will be important to contact a DUI attorney to provide counsel for you throughout the legal process. Having a DUI conviction on your record can pose it’s fair share of challenges. It could even impact you when trying to apply for a job. Any employer would be alarmed if a prospective employee has a DUI conviction on their record. When a job requires a person to drive a commercial vehicle, it could be especially concerning to a potential employer. It can even be an added hardship when looking for an apartment as it is common for landlords to run background checks before approving a rental application. Regardless of whether or not it is your first DUI, it is likely that you will still be required to pay fines. If you have a previous DUI conviction, the fines could have a heavier impact on your finances. In some cases, courts have ordered people with multiple DUIs on their record to pay fines upwards of $500,000. If you require work release in order to drive yourself to and from work, you will also have to pay a fee in order to take advantage of this option.

When convicted of a DUI, jail time can be expected. You can almost guarantee that you will serve time if you injured or killed someone when driving while under the influence, or if you have had more than one DUI conviction. Spending time in jail can have greater repercussions including time away from family and even losing your job. You may be required to face a wrongful death lawsuit if, while driving under the influence you harm or injure someone. You may have to pay damages to the loved ones of the person who passed if you are found negligent for your actions. Valuing damages takes a look at case specifics, making it difficult to foresee the amount you may have to pay.

Contact an Attorney

An attorney may be able to help negotiate a plea deal or favorable outcome, regardless of whether or not you are at fault or have a strong case against you. Scheduling an appointment, for a free consultation can be helpful in sorting out the best way to move forward. A DUI can be defeating, bringing forth feelings of shame and guilt, accessing a DUI attorney such as the DUI attorney MD locals turn to can ensure that your interests are protected.

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