When to See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain After an Accident

When to See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain After an Accident
After a vehicle accident, many victims suffer from bodily aches and pains. It is not uncommon for people to have substantial knee pain after an accident. Our knees are vital yet a vulnerable body part, that can be injured due to getting smashed from the dashboard, car door and steering wheel. You may be wondering if a chiropractor can even treat the knee specifically. Yes, we can help. Chiropractors take pride in helping our patients see a reduction in pain, including damaged knee joints. Here we list when to see a chiropractor for your knee pain following a car crash, among other points.

When to Make an Appointment

Pain of the knee can stem from misalignment and inflammation of the area due to impacts from a car collision. In most cases, medical treatment is needed. If you are experiencing any of the following, we recommend making an appointment to be seen right away.

  • Knee pain is preventing you from participating in your routine daily activities, hobbies or sports.
  • Knee pain has not responded to prescription medication and rest.
  • Knee pain has not gotten better after you took your primary doctor’s suggestions for recovery.

Where a Primary Doctor May Fail

Unfortunately, some primary doctors may not be able to treat your knee pain entirely. Your doctor may suggest taking a period of rest and taking prescribed painkillers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers. Many patients may find that medications and rest is not sufficient. The knee cannot necessarily get itself back into proper alignment, so the pain and discomfort may continue. Also, painkillers and relaxers can become very easily addictive, and the patient may experience withdrawal symptoms in addition to a return of pain once the course is complete.

What to Expect During Treatment

Treatment will likely begin with an adjustment of the spine first. This can assist in a reduction of knee pain, because when our spinal area is not in place, our entire body system may be misaligned and not in proper working order. Next, your chiropractor may then perform an adjustment of the knee joint itself. There are options for massage therapy in combination with chiropractic treatments, to help increase blood flow to the knee. When blood can flow easily throughout our body, it can transport necessary nutrients to areas that need healing. Our body is amazing in how it can heal itself, and a chiropractor can assist in getting that instinctual process started.

Do not wait to seek chiropractic care. After a traumatizing experience like a car crash, we can remain in a state of shock and panic for hours or even days. During this time, our injuries can be hidden until the adrenaline passes. Consider consulting with a knee pain doctor Bethesda MD residents rely on immediately following an accident, to prevent from a complication and worsening of your knee pain. Make sure to communicate with your chiropractor that you recently endured a car collision, so they can perform treatment that addresses your specific body needs.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from I Hate Knee Pain for their insight into knee pain.

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