Why Your Car Accident Lawyer Can Not Give You a Ball-Park Settlement Figure

Why Your Car Accident Lawyer Can Not Give You a Ball-Park Settlement Figure
I routinely look at my Google Analytics account to find out what information people are searching for. I want to give them what they want. And I find that the highest consistently-ranking blogs all have one commonality, i.e. they each contain the word “settlement.” Without fail people want to know the value of their injuries before they sign on the dotted line with a car accident lawyer. This seems reasonable.

Unfortunately, there just is no across-the-board, one size fits all answer to their query. There are many variables that factor into the estimation of an injury claim. Even then, it’s risky business to pitch a figure before the client has finished treating. Furthermore, you have no way of knowing how the insurance company will view your claim until they’ve responded to the demand letter drafted by your car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts.

Even then, there’s a lot of bargaining that goes on between adjuster and your car accident lawyer. As the adjuster begins to meet a reasonable figure, or at the very least starts heading in a positive direction, negotiations for subrogation begin. What is subrogation?

Medical bills must be paid. Your automobile insurance company has what is called a subrogation claim on the dollar amount of medical payment insurance you used. Simply, subrogation means reimbursement. And unpaid medical providers likely have a lien on the proceeds of your claim. Whether you hire an attorney or not, providers expect to be paid. An experienced car accident lawyer uses negotiation skills to make your case and minimize the amount the providers will accept for payment in full.

Despite the loud, agenda-driven voices of the tort-reform crowd, injury lawyers and their staff are fully committed to their clients. They put in a lot of hours so their clients can realize a tangible compensation for their damages. Most of them even have a story, something personal, that explains why they decided to settle into the practice of injury law. I’m reasonably sure that your car accident lawyer would be happy to break the ice with you at your initial meeting if you only ask why they chose their career?

Your car accident lawyer genuinely wants to see you satisfied with his or her results and with as much money in your pocket as possible. It’s no secret that your attorney will take a small portion of your proceeds. Even attorneys must make a living. But remember that your advocate is armed with legal information, has an up-to-the-minute working knowledge of legal opinions and decisions and is on the inside track of local and federal legislation that can affect you and the value of your claim.

I would be suspect of an attorney who threw out a figure to their client at the initial meeting. I wish you and your car accident lawyer the best of luck in the claims process.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Ward & Ward for their insight into car accident cases.

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