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After an auto accident, you might be unsure whether or not to contact a car accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers. If you’d like to find out if an attorney may help you, call the attorneys at Cohen and Cohen, PC for a free case review. An experienced Baltimore MD car accident lawyer can review your claim and explain how they may be of assistance.

An experienced car accident lawyer Baltimore MD motorists may recommend to you may:

  • Help you recover your losses from a car accident.
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete and submit to insurance companies.
  • Make sure that important filing deadlines are met.
  • Increase the likelihood that your claim will be accepted the first time, and avoid delays associated with denied claims.
  • Handle negotiations on your behalf in order to get the highest possible settlement.

When a Car Accident Lawyer is Most Beneficial

Many accidents involve nothing more than minor vehicle damage and a simple claims process. Most of the time, these scenarios do not require the assistance of an attorney. However, when other factors come into play, your legal rights are often best protected with the help of a car accident lawyer in Baltimore MD. You should consider contacting a lawyer regardless of who you believe is at fault:

  • When someone is injured in the car accident.
  • When the car accident involves a fatality.
  • When significant property damage results from the accident.

What a Car Accident Lawyer Offers

In scenarios like those above, an experienced car accident lawyer Baltimore MD drivers call first can help victims recover their damages from:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Wrongful death losses

Tips on Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Choosing a car accident lawyer Baltimore MD provides can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Lawyers often focus on one or more areas of the law. For instance, at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our attorneys focus on personal injury and car accidents. Our attorneys have handled thousands of personal injury cases. When considering who to hire as your attorney, you may wish to talk to them about their level of experience, for example:

  • Is the firm located in the Baltimore area?
  • What is their fee structure, and how much do they charge?
  • Are they familiar with state and national transportation laws?
  • Do they have experience dealing with insurance and healthcare companies on behalf of their clients?
  • Have they settled similar cases? Do they have experience trying similar cases in court? What is their success rate?

Discover How an Attorney Can Help You

Cohen and Cohen, P.C. offers a free consultation for victims of car accidents. If you’re unsure how and if an attorney can help you, call us at 301-760-3296. Because car accidents often occur outside normal working hours, we’re available 24/7 so that you do not have to wait to contact us. Don’t delay — contact Cohen and Cohen, PC to speak with a car accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents turn to for help today.

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Practice Areas

Wrongful Death cases


A wrongful death lawyer Baltimore MD offers is available to assist families who have lost a loved one to negligence, wrongdoing, or carelessness. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. understands the emotional anguish you might be going through after experiencing such an unexpected incident.

Workers Compensation Cases


Some people do not realize this, but a workers’ compensation lawyer Baltimore MD offers may be helpful following an auto accident that occurs while “on the job.” This may be especially true if the auto accident resulted in injury or property damage.

Uber Accident

Uber Accident cases 


Wondering if you need a Washington DC Uber car accident lawyer after your rideshare accident in DC? Ridesharing with companies like Uber or Lyft is more popular than ever. As public transit spreads into this new realm, the need for an Uber car accident lawyer in DC is also climbing.


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