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Outbreaks of food poisoning or food-related illnesses occur every year, and when they do, a top food poisoning lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer should be contacted for advice. In the case of food poisoning, restaurants, grocery stores, eateries, and any other place which prepares and sells food could be held accountable.

Because every incident is unique,  it is advisable to reach out to a food poisoning lawyer in Cheverly MD to hear their opinion and advice. Cohen and Cohen, P.C., has a thorough knowledge of personal injury claims and defective product liability, such as those resulting from food poisoning. As a leading DC Metro Area law firm, our attorneys vigorously fight for the rights of clients.

Do You Have a Food Poisoning Case?

If you or a family member experienced food poisoning, you may want to know if you have a case. The answer will greatly depend on your specific circumstances, which is why a food poisoning lawyer Cheverly MD residents can count on should be sought. For example, where and what you ate prior to being ill, as well as the time between eating and the onset of illness may need to be considered. That being said, if a business has been linked to an outbreak of food poisoning, through either a health agency or multiple individuals, a claim could likely be easier to pursue.

Understanding Liability in Food Poisoning Claims

When you talk to a Cheverly MD food poisoning lawyer, he or she may discuss possible categories your claim could fall into. In general, food poisoning claims are likely considered to be a defective product; however personal injury may be integrated into the case as well. The following are common examples of legal theories used to pursue a potential food poisoning claim:

  • Strict product liability: Many states have strict liability laws which relieve you of having to show a food manufacturer was not careful in the preparation or distribution of their product. A good food poisoning lawyer Cheverly MD trusts just needs to show that the food you ate was contaminated with bacteria or a virus which led to you being ill.

  • Negligence: If the manufacturer or supplier, which could include a restaurant or grocer, acted in a careless manner, they could potentially have acted negligently. Upon reviewing your case, a food poisoning lawyer in Cheverly MD may be able to determine whether or not negligence was involved. If so, the attorney should then aim to prove the food establishment failed to exercise reasonable care.

  • Breach of warranties: The vast majority of states impose certain minimum standards on food items, such as expirations and expressed guarantees on packaging. Because a violation or a breach could be very broad, a food poisoning lawyer Cheverly MD residents respect may be your best resource to fully understanding the kind of compensation you may be owed.

Contacting Cohen and Cohen, P.C., A Food Poisoning Lawyer in Cheverly MD

Food poisoning claims generally require experienced lawyers who have an understanding of laws specific to the claim. If you or a family member have experienced food poisoning, and believe you have a possible claim, you may wish to retain the services of skilled lawyer. Cohen and Cohen, P.C., a top food poisoning lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer is one of the foremost law firms for food related illnesses. Contact us now for a free consultation at (202) 999-3284.

Food Poisoning Lawyer Cheverly MD

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