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If you contact a food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD residents trust about the potential of a legal claim, he or she may want to know more on the type of bacteria or viral strain which led to the illness. Food poisoning goes beyond an upset stomach; rather the symptoms can be so extreme that they lead to full hospitalization. As a result, high medical bills, lost wages, and pain or suffering could be endured.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C., a food poisoning lawyer in Lanham MD, provides personal assistance to those who have been affected by a foodborne illness. Through results-proven dedication and comprehensive knowledge, our leading law firm may be able to help with compensation for pain and suffering.

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning is an illness caused by bacteria, viruses or other toxins in food. The contamination of the food can happen at a farm, butchery, during packaging, en route to the destination, or while storing or cooking the food. Finding the exact cause can be tedious; however, a good food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD has to offer may work as diligently as possible to determine the source. Symptoms of food poisoning typically occur within 4-8 hours after consumption and may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, cramping, fever, or dehydration.  Generally, the illness is mild and requires a couple of days of rest and recovery. Serious cases could lead to hospitalization, severe health problems, and in a small number of people, death.

Sources of Food Poisoning

A reputable food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD respects may review lab results or hospital records to re-confirm the type of illness.  Some of these are commonly associated with the food poisoning and even occur in frequent bouts of outbreaks; they include listeria, norovirus, salmonella, botulism, and e.coli. While any kind of food could be contaminated with these (or other) strains, there are a few items which are more prone to the contamination. Meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, cheese, shellfish, mushrooms and leafy green vegetables could be considered as ‘risky’ products. Due to a majority of the population consuming at least one of these items, prevention over avoidance is often the best solution.

Is it a good idea to contact a top food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD can provide?

If you have experienced a food borne illness and are interested in what a Lanham MD food poisoning lawyer has to say about your potential claim, you can set a up a free consultation. In theory, legal action is possible against a restaurant, store or food company which sold the contaminated food. Your lawyer should be able further discuss a claim and what, if any, compensation is available.

How a Claim Can Be Proven

A food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD residents can count on may be required to carry out an in-depth investigation of a claim. Some of this can be very time consuming because the attorney must attempt to identify the type of food poisoning, and determine the source of the contamination. If a long period of time has elapsed, it may be nearly impossible to do so. This is why may be crucial to contact a Lanham MD food poisoning lawyer as quickly as possible. Finally, if severe food poisoning occurred which led to hospitalization or death, a personal injury or wrongful death claim could possibly be pursued by a food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD families can rely on.

Contacting Cohen and Cohen, P.C., A Food Poisoning Lawyer in Lanham MD

Attorneys as the law offices of Cohen and Cohen, P.C., are well versed in food poisoning cases and the state laws which protect the victims of these incidents. If you have experienced food poisoning, and are seeking advice of how to file a claim, a food poisoning lawyer Lanham MD residents trust is interested in hearing what you have to say. Please contact us now at (202) 999-3284.

Food Poisoning Lawyer Lanham MD

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