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You’re not alone if you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of an intersection-located accident and are in need of a motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD provides. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute, approximately 40 percent of all 2008 car accidents occurred in an intersection. The attorneys of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. have successfully represented many victims of such accidents. Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Call us for a free consultation if you’re in need of a Cheverly MD motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Those responsible for causing intersection accidents and the resulting injuries and damages should be held accountable. An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD injury victims turn to after a collision can collect compensatory damages from the negligent driver on your behalf. If you have never been involved in an intersection accident, the following information may help you to avoid them in the future.

Common Causes of Accidents that Occur in Intersections

One thing that all causes of intersection accidents have in common is that the higher the speeds involved, the more likely the injuries will be serious or even fatal. A motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD area provides might also attest that accidents happen more often in busier intersections. The following are common causes:


  • Disregard of traffic laws. Very often, intersection accidents are caused by drivers who turn from the wrong lane, make an illegal U-turn, or run a red light. An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD offers can recreate an accident to determine the events leading up to it, and prove which driver was negligent.
  • Failure to observe traffic. When a driver does not take the time to look in all directions for oncoming traffic and proceeds through an intersection in front of another vehicle, accidents can occur.
  • Taking incorrect action. When a driver arrives at an intersection and does not take their proper turn, they may incorrectly proceed when it’s another driver’s turn and collide with that vehicle. A motor vehicle accident lawyer in Cheverly MD can review the police report and include it in their case if it indicates it wasn’t their client who was responsible.
  • Turning when unable to see oncoming vehicles. If a vehicle from the opposite direction is waiting to turn and blocking a driver’s view, the driver may turn anyway and strike an oncoming vehicle passing through the intersection.
  • Distracted driver. Any number of things can distract a driver including using their cell phone, adjusting music or radio controls, eating, focusing on a GPS device, talking with a passenger, etc. In the act of being distracted, the driver might stop when they should proceed and thus cause a rear end collision in an intersection, or cause an accident for any number of other reasons.
  • Misjudging speed. When a driver wrongly estimates how much time they have to turn or proceed through an intersection very often it’s impossible for the other driver to stop or slow in time.
  • Poor intersection design. When an intersection’s design doesn’t reasonably account for traffic flow or contains a serious flaw, collisions can result.
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights. When traffic signals fail, vehicles are supposed to treat an intersection as a four-way stop. When a driver disregards this rule, accidents can happen. Other types of traffic light malfunctions can also contribute to the accident toll.
  • Vehicle malfunctions. If a driver’s brakes fail or another critical malfunction occurs, a collision between vehicles may be unavoidable.


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