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If you are seeking a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Rockville MD has to offer, it is important to find a personal injury lawyer that can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Without the aid of legal professionals, a motorcycle accident case is at risk of becoming even further complicated and financially draining. With our free consultation process at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., your case can be reviewed by our experienced lawyers at no cost. Get the help you need and turn to Cohen and Cohen, P.C. to deliver a qualified motor vehicle accident lawyer in Rockville MD who can fight on your behalf.


In a motor vehicle accident claim, the victim is generally tasked with the burden of proof. Typically, proof of negligence has a large effect on the amount of damages awarded in motorcycle accident claims, and a motor vehicle accident lawyer Rockville MD respects has the expertise to prove the defendant’s negligence. The first step involves showing that the defendant breached their duty of care, which refers to a vehicle driver’s duty to operate their vehicle in the same manner a reasonable, prudent driver would. The next step involves demonstrating that the defendant breached this duty by failing to comply with this standard vehicle operation. Additionally, the victim will likely need to show that their injuries are a direct result of the defendant’s breach of duty.


Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are occur quite frequently and usually result in serious injuries. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and do not offer as much protection – making it difficult for other drivers to see them. Some of the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents include spinal damage, broken bones, and brain trauma. Not only can the treatments for these injuries be very expensive, but they may also require long periods of recovery time that prevent the victim from working. With the help of a Rockville MD motor vehicle accident lawyer, accident victims may be able to avoid a financial nightmare as a result of their accident. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. wants to provide a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Rockville MD relies on, who has that has experience in fighting for the compensation that their clients deserve.


If you utilize a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Rockville MD has to offer from Cohen and Cohen, P.C., the damages we help you seek often fall under one or more of these basic categories:

  • Medical damages – this includes physical therapy, cognitive therapy, ambulance costs, consultations with medical professionals, injury accessories (i.e. crutches), disfigurement, permanent disability, or in-home services
  • Pain and suffering – this includes both mental and physical distress
  • Lost wages – there are many post-injury factors that can cause a loss of income, such as hospitalization or mobility problems
  • Loss of affection or companionship – a loss of consortium can be claimed by an unharmed spouse

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Enduring a motorcycle accident comes with both physical and emotional pain, and victims should not face any resulting legal battle alone. As a strong and capable legal team, we have collected million of dollars on behalf of our clients. For more information or any questions you may have, please contact our Maryland office at (202) 999-3284. Turn to Cohen and Cohen, P.C. for a motor vehicle accident lawyer Rockville MD trusts.

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