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If you or a loved one is claiming nursing home abuse or neglect, you may want to consider speaking to a nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD residents can count on. Nursing home abuse is a pervasive problem throughout the country, and a personalized consultation with Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may help you to determine whether or not you have possible claim.

A Cheverly MD Nursing Home Lawyer May Recognize Ongoing Problems

Nursing homes are meant to be comfortable environments that families can trust to take care of elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, not all of these establishments are fulfilling their obligations as caregivers. It has been suggested that up to one third of long-term nursing home facilities have violated a state or federal regulation. As Baby Boomers enter the age group that is most common in nursing homes, instances of neglect are expected to rise.

Understanding the Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home abuse or mistreatment is not always physical –  it can include mental and emotional neglect. It may be advisable to seek a nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD residents rely on to help you better determine the type of abuse, if any. The following may help you with your own discovery of a potential claim:

  • Physical Abuse – This is the most obvious types of abuse. Physical signs may include bedsores, broken limbs, bruises, burns, malnutrition, dehydration, and ligature marks left by restraints. Often, physical abuse is hidden in less obvious areas such as the torso and legs.
  • Sexual Abuse – If no consent has been given prior to sexual contact, it could be deemed sexual abuse. The signs are broad, but could include genital bruising, bleeding, and STDs.
  • Emotional Abuse – Generally more difficult to detect, emotional abuse could include verbal assaults or threats, humiliation, and intimidation. Because the victim is the one to experience these attacks, it can be rare for another person to witness to them. A sign of emotional abuse may be the denial of visitation or regular activities, as well as a change in behavior from the patient when certain staff members are present.
  • Neglect – A nursing home lawyer in Cheverly MD may investigate whether or not neglect of the patient could be considered. When a facility or staff member fails to fulfill an obligation or duty, such as leaving the patient in unhygienic conditions, skipping medication rounds, or failing to provide a safe environment, they may be considered negligent.
  • Financial Exploitation – Many nursing home patients have financial savings, as well as monthly income from retirement funds or social security. A top nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer may review the patient’s financial records to verify whether or not any significant withdrawals, unexpected purchases, or drastic changes in wills or insurance policies have been made. If so, civil litigation may be possible.
  • Fraud – Fraudulent practices at a nursing home can leave patients vulnerable and scared. False entries into medical records, duplicate billing, undertrained staff, over or under-medicating patients, and lying to family members about the patient’s well being are all examples of potential fraud.

Staffing Issues at Nursing Homes

Regrettably, a nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD residents trust may tell you that staffing issues are a major problem and could include:

  • Limited training of nurse aides and staff
  • Lack of staff during slow hours or night shifts
  • Minimal staff supervision

When a nursing home is not sufficiently staffed, there is a greater risk of encountering some form of neglect, which may include abuse or mistreatment of patients, or failure to adhere to nursing home requirements enforced by  federal and state government agencies.

Holding a Nursing Home Liable

If you suspect abuse or neglect has occurred at a facility, a nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD respects can be promptly consulted for advice on what to do next. If there is a case, the law firm may need to gather numerous documents and health records to establish a solid foundation. Because there may be a statute of limitations on the case, you may want to avoid putting off your alleged claim to a later date. Call Cohen and Cohen, P.C., a nursing home lawyer Cheverly MD residents have on their side for a free consultation at (202) 999-3284.

Nursing Home Lawyer Cheverly MD

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