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When you suspect a loved one is being physically or mentally abused at an elderly care facility, you may want to contact a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD residents have on their side. Identifying such a disturbing issue could be upsetting, and leave you with a number of questions about what to do next.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C., a Wheaton MD nursing home lawyer you can count on, has a skilled team of attorneys who work diligently to recover fair compensation for their clients. Whether you’re unsure of nursing home abuse taking place, but suspect something going on or have documented evidence, we are interested in hearing what you have to say in a free consultation.

What to Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse or neglect may lead to serious harm, often putting a patient in danger of unnecessary injuries or ongoing health problems. Meanwhile, the mental health and emotional wellbeing could be eroded leaving you to feel confused and upset. It may be important to take necessary action when you suspect abuse or neglect, which might include reaching out to a nursing home lawyer in Wheaton MD.

Under federal U.S. law, administrators of nursing homes are obligated to adequately address concerns coming from the loved ones of a patient in a care facility. Due to the fact that some centers may attempt to ignore or downplay your concerns, it might be more conducive to find out what advice a trusted nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD has to offer. If he or she recommends pursuing civil litigation, compensation for medical costs and the emotional suffering may be available.

Hiding the Abuse from Others

When you ask a loved one about your suspicions, they may be willing to tell you and might even be relieved that you asked. However, it’s more common for victims of nursing home abuse to be reluctant to tell others, including family members. They may fear retaliation against specific staff members or the unknown of where they would go in the case of having to leave. Should your family member be unable to tell you of the abuse or neglect, you may want to consider moving him or her to another center and contact a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD residents rely on. If you believe a loved one is in imminent danger, it may be imperative to seek medical attention or call 911.

Scheduling a Free Consultation with a Wheaton MD Nursing Home Lawyer

You and your loved ones have rights that deserve protection. It is the obligation and duty of a nursing home to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring place for individuals. When they fail to do so, they may have to take responsibility for their actions. This responsibility might include repercussions from the federal, state, or local government, and monetary compensation for the victim. If you believe abuse or neglect is going on, be it one time or many, it may be advisable to contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C.  To schedule a consultation with a nursing home lawyer Wheaton MD families can trust, call (202) 999-3284 today.

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